Ad Spec Information

We’ve created this expandable area to illustrate all of our different ad styles with demos and spec requirements. Click on the thumbnail image below for a screenshot or video demo of the ad unit in action. For further specifications, click on the “more information” button. All creative and tracking links are required 5 business days for high impact units and 2 business days for standard units prior to launch. If UBM is designing/developing the unit, please allow 3 weeks for entire production process. There is a maximum of 10 creatives allowed in rotation per flight. If you have any additional questions, please contact your sales representative.

Standard Units
  • Leaderboard
    • Dimensions: 728 x 90 for desktop
    • Dimensions: 300x50 or 320x50 for handheld devices
    • Served in top position
  • Rectangle
    • Dimensions: 300x250
    • Served in medium rectangle position
  • Skyscraper
    • Dimensions: 160x600
    • Served in Skyscraper position
  • Tile
    • Dimensions: 160 x 160
    • Served in square position
High Impact Units
  • Welcome Ad
    • Your ad is the first thing visitors see upon arriving at our sites
    • Serves only one time per day to each visitor
    • Dimensions: 640x480 for desktop and a 300x50 static image for handheld devices
    • All third party tags will need to be https supported to serve on a secure page.
  • Skin
    • A Site Skin allows you to take over the entire background of specific Gamasutra pages.
    • Options include a Full Site takeover, or choose to target the Homepage, News, Jobs and discipline sections.
  • Native Ads
    • A 108x108 static image with a file size under 100k
    • Headline copy: 60 to 75 characters including spaces
    • Body copy: Max of 250 characters including spaces
    • Linking URL (1x1 tracking pixels are accepted for click and impressions tracking)
  • In-Banner Video
    • Accepted via 3rd party tag
    • Must follow our Rich Media Specifications
    • Recommended sizes for video in banner: Rectangle 300x250 or Welcome ads 640x480